a new chapter calls for more stories. let’s see if these will get inked.

bring it on 2013.

go back and retrace.

explore photography. (new styles and to start a photography project)

join a photography contest

shoot a 10 minute film (the least)

write an actual article



stand firm and have heart. 

find time to read more books.

write more often.

read more often.



stalk less.

try to exercise. (flat tummy, hey there! o/)

explore music. (indie & opm)

try new food.

not sleep in class.

not eat in class.

will not be late.


… and whatever happens, i’m not letting that flame die.liyab. 

8 thoughts on “thirteen.

  1. Yeah, I also want to kill a cockroach and also want to be a student ..I’ll stop there :)

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