romeo rowed his gondola to serenade juliet on her balcony
a great dane seated outside a coffee shop in an alley waiting for his owner and coffee
lamp post and a gyspsy
pieces of bread, coffee and a great friend under the bridge
sailing across the lagoon
sea, square, alps

bacon and nutella


it was the perfect summer evening and they were everywhere. some were gliding through the waters. a certain bunch of them were having the usual tea conversing underneath the cherry blossom tree. you could have heard the serene bliss of each of the faeries. their laughter immitating the dainty ring of a little bell. others were dancing to the symphony of beatrice’s flute. their skirts illuminated the darkness of the evening, floating and bouncing to each of their steps. while their wings shimmered gloriously, fascinating their way through the moonlit garden. i believe that thousands of them must have proceeded through the merry night. time refused to elapse in this realm for they have reached eternity’s promise.

he knew there was no escape but he didn’t bother to stop. it was pretty much useless if he will do so now. at least he would bring his family some justice. his footsteps resonated through the cold stones of the castle. while the traitor was but a few metres from him. the prince nearly escaped the knight. he must go to her chamber even if all has went wrong. he can’t give up. he musn’t. his life’s essence was for her protection. thuds from below increased in volume. he was infront of her door. the thuds cleared for the footsteps of the knight. he must do this, for his family. he held the iron handle and pulled the door open. he reached him.

his final glimpse was of his fate.

under the sun at 9 in the evening.

lids closed with a smile found at the corner of thy lips.
dreaming of poppies and royalties
in meadows and stoned walls
little village huts across the moat
yet at the back
never forget thy country’s oath.

should’ve brought luna.

on the other side.

going through the counterflow of faces, my dad said something incredibly true about life while we were merely walking, trying not to get lost in the busy streets of Mong Kok. i wonder if he knew the weight of what he said though.


have one direction. just one. you can’t keep on swerving from left to right. you can’t keep looking back. look forward, you’ll never know what may hit you or what you may see. only change direction if there is a need to. if there’s nothing wrong with you’re going, then onwards we go.


’twas a really interesting trip actually. but then again, i think i’d rather go to other countries instead.

rock bottom

look down below
could you feel it’s fury
it’s waves unfurling beyond the gates of time
unfurling, yearning for you.
your beauty, your eyes, your smile.
look down below
see it’s light caressing your stunning features
it’s touch reaching, deeper, deeper than before.
just look.
you’ll find it below