after reading the hate letter i’ve made a couple of weeks ago, i can’t believe the amount of emotions surging through that letter. here’s my attempt at balancing it out. however at this very moment, i feel quite indifferent already. hoorah for progress. 

and again, i didn’t send this to the anonymous no one in particular.


Perhaps, verses nor rhymes

may not affect your mind

but you know me well enough

that i will still try


let’s begin with a tale of a song

engraved somewhere amidst the scene

named lyrics and melody

carved by the moon in between


melody performed truly very well

a symphony of wonders

all were binded by his spell

under the stars he continued


to grasp the minds of many

yet in the distance, he appeared empty

resonating without meaning

a crescendo, he has been waiting


the next beat was to come

a usual repeat by melody

strange, it did not reach that point

and the pattern became free


melody entwined with lyrics

perfect as a puzzle piece

happy thoughts everywhere, the very least

notes are reverberating, listen please 


songs were not made to last forever

with the blend of lyrics and melody

they tried, until they reached bridge

then there was a shift of measure


melody became lyrics

lyrics became melody

they weaved through each other

a bit like fire, earth, air and water


lyrics saw the period of the end

melody refused to see the signs

a change of beat, measure and heart

a musical piece slowly falling apart


’twas time to say goodbye to a song

of meaning, bliss and love

back to verses of friendship

as both promised to the stars above


listen to the non-verbal coda

and hear the melody still play

waiting a new prelude of words, 

just no silence, for that day.



it was the perfect summer evening and they were everywhere. some were gliding through the waters. a certain bunch of them were having the usual tea conversing underneath the cherry blossom tree. you could have heard the serene bliss of each of the faeries. their laughter immitating the dainty ring of a little bell. others were dancing to the symphony of beatrice’s flute. their skirts illuminated the darkness of the evening, floating and bouncing to each of their steps. while their wings shimmered gloriously, fascinating their way through the moonlit garden. i believe that thousands of them must have proceeded through the merry night. time refused to elapse in this realm for they have reached eternity’s promise.

he knew there was no escape but he didn’t bother to stop. it was pretty much useless if he will do so now. at least he would bring his family some justice. his footsteps resonated through the cold stones of the castle. while the traitor was but a few metres from him. the prince nearly escaped the knight. he must go to her chamber even if all has went wrong. he can’t give up. he musn’t. his life’s essence was for her protection. thuds from below increased in volume. he was infront of her door. the thuds cleared for the footsteps of the knight. he must do this, for his family. he held the iron handle and pulled the door open. he reached him.

his final glimpse was of his fate.

it was all because of a flashlight.

capture her in your fantasies

for she will never be

nimble can she be as a fairy 

and that is she

dare not to blink for she will see

love can arrest this fair beauty

of darkness and mystical entities

surround beneath her wings

trick of the game is to not chase

but rather look at your palms

and follow the maze

the key lies within the familiar trace

steady now.

this is not the right time. nevertheless, he huddled towards the luminosity of the lamp post. “Goodness gracious,” he mumbled under his breath. the air was piercing his skin. he didn’t bother buttoning his trench coat when he ran out of his house. he flipped through the pages of a thick address book that wouldn’t even fit in his backpack.  his fingers were frantic in searching for a certain name. his wrist watch chimed as it struck midnight. thump. he dropped his book on the pavements. he better hurry now, there’s no time left. thump. he needs to find the name, now more than ever. thump. the land trembled. thump. his eyes were wary but he knew he cannot give up. thump. in the corner of his eye, he saw her sneakers. thump.





men of all race wore white that faithful day. they stood in a manner you will be absolutely terrified to walk forward to. you can hear the silent tenor echoing through the empty hall. their eyes will pierce through the abyss of your soul. one cannot hide anything from their gaze. it is best to acknowledge everything once placed in that situation. you cannot escape.


sweat trickled down the nape of her neck despite the wind blowing against the course of her face. her eyes shifted from the remnants of what had just happened on her palm to the rosary beads on her other hand. she did not mind the eyes of the passengers around her. the roads were traversed with mocking eyes and impatient urges. they knew about it. they just do. she simply can’t stay anymore. only one person left to go to.

their mouths gaped.


Mayroong isang munting kalsada

na nakapagitan sa simbahan at sementarya

Nakatayo dito ang magisang lampara

na nagbibigay ilaw sa kanyang mga bisita

Sa gilid ng munting kalsada

ay may naglalakad na magandang dalaga

nakaitim at wari’y walang mata

dahan dahan

papalapit na siya.

a story to be told.

She walks in beauty like the night

The moon kissing her skin

Beneath the golden light

Of illumination and deception

Stop, listen, hold it in.

Let decay sink through your core

For in evil she dwells,

Her stories only in dark she tells

Hush your breath; Let your ears do the rest

Never cower in fright

For once her eyes find yours

This shall be your last night

scattered scenes – a

“but i don’t understand!” she wailed through the receiver of the phone. cold air slithered through the warmth of her sheets. she fidgeted through her blanket finding the right thread to pull out. silence weighed in the atmosphere.

“well?” there goes her usual impatient tone of hers.

with an effortless tug, she pulled out the loose thread. she raised the sheets closer to her chest.

“nothing. go to bed. i’ll see you in the morning.” and with the click of a button, everything ended.