i don’t normally stay up past 11.10.59 pm.

i hardly cling myself on to shooting stars

nor coins that resound within abandoned wells

you wouldn’t see me putting my fate on a four leaf clover

nor let you see me wiping my tears after

these nights have been different however

a fallen eye lash seem to not have the power

but time alone, and let time just be

perchance, everything could end up right

between you and me.

let’s hold it out for now.

it finally trickled on her hand. she loosened her grip on the cone and tried to lick off the melted substance off her fingers. chocolate, oh it’s been a while. but she can’t eat the ice cream just yet. she promised she won’t eat it.

not until the days have passed;

the laughters turned into tears

not until he came back;

let the definite be set,

not until he sat beside her again;

let the courage be mustered

not until she gets to indulge in his scent once more.

this heat would completely melt the ice cream if she doesn’t act on it now. it would be a shame if it just goes to waste, however she promised. she promised.


i grew to become a character of that who aged within

of youth that is and just

enveloped in thoughts and ideas

perhaps, merely words

only words,

arranged in fragmented oppositions

with varying circumstances

on a motion on repeat, hence once more

of an emotion that seems to relentlessly exist

or rather, the lack of

creeping underneath and in-between,

thought to be moulded,

but cracked were the alleys

forming a toothy smile

mistake me not for these words of fiction

but do wish for this piece

to be fiction

under each and every tick and flip


i have heard the silence that was underneath her turmoiled soul

she spoke no words nor released a single sigh

she was there but not

her mind drifted apart 

in different directions and at paces that vary

her tears were dry

and the whimpers echoed within

i have heard the silence that was underneath her turmoiled soul

and it wasn’t silence at all. 


i think we can do this more often now.

although the months coming have a gust of cold breeze under its wings, i’ve been having this warm gush of waves rolling to and from the toes of my feet.

it’s a few days away from the 9th month of the year. and it seems that my fortune has changed drastically from the beginning of this year. events lately have made me realize that what i’ve went through wasn’t for the sake of nothing. it was definitely for something. something grand, that i cannot yet completely comprehend. i’m not really dwelling on just one aspect. it has surged through everything, even through the cracks. believe me when i say i’ve been patched up during the earlier parts of this year. it’s just that now, i think i’ve been feeling the edges of my entirety to diminish, yet to unfurl further.

it’s funny though. amidst all of these good vibes, i’m still in a state of utter confusion. for what? everything as well. even the red marks say so. i just hope i wouldn’t fall into something i cannot get back up from. i can already see the edge, but i don’t know if i’m going there or i would be forced to be there. let me not go past the edge. 


it wasn’t a common surface.

it was coarse; it was red.


faded streaks of white embedded as well.

something that she played within her nimble hands.

she’s been playing with the box for quite sometime now.

sliding the inner piece in and out, in and out. 

perhaps she was stuck on a thought or two for awhile.

she didn’t have to do this, she hadn’t needed to do this.

but it was getting cold. she needed warmth. 

the strike was beautiful. it produced just the right flame. 

a product of the perfect pace and inserted force. 

“such a waste,” she sighed.

dropped from her cage, she threw the stick away.

warmth came. but it was too warm. just too warm.