im not sure on whether my brain is thinking of a topic or this is the real shit.

it’s absolutely crazy how emotions get to surge through your system and blow you off your track. i keep having on these attacks, specially regarding that matter. i don’t know what to do. i would like to believe that it is of a human’s natural tendency to acquire acceptance. specially to those that they think whose opinions matter. 


if only you’d listen. if only you would hear me out.


i messed up big time. and i know there’s no rewind for this. as well as that the chance of a second chance is getting slimmer by the silence. i just want you to know im absolutely, and terribly sorry for the things i’ve said. specially done. i had never intend to hurt you, most specially you. i’m swallowed up in guilt. i’ve thrown away my pride. yet still, the silence still stands. 

i’m sorry.


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