after reading the hate letter i’ve made a couple of weeks ago, i can’t believe the amount of emotions surging through that letter. here’s my attempt at balancing it out. however at this very moment, i feel quite indifferent already. hoorah for progress. 

and again, i didn’t send this to the anonymous no one in particular.


Perhaps, verses nor rhymes

may not affect your mind

but you know me well enough

that i will still try


let’s begin with a tale of a song

engraved somewhere amidst the scene

named lyrics and melody

carved by the moon in between


melody performed truly very well

a symphony of wonders

all were binded by his spell

under the stars he continued


to grasp the minds of many

yet in the distance, he appeared empty

resonating without meaning

a crescendo, he has been waiting


the next beat was to come

a usual repeat by melody

strange, it did not reach that point

and the pattern became free


melody entwined with lyrics

perfect as a puzzle piece

happy thoughts everywhere, the very least

notes are reverberating, listen please 


songs were not made to last forever

with the blend of lyrics and melody

they tried, until they reached bridge

then there was a shift of measure


melody became lyrics

lyrics became melody

they weaved through each other

a bit like fire, earth, air and water


lyrics saw the period of the end

melody refused to see the signs

a change of beat, measure and heart

a musical piece slowly falling apart


’twas time to say goodbye to a song

of meaning, bliss and love

back to verses of friendship

as both promised to the stars above


listen to the non-verbal coda

and hear the melody still play

waiting a new prelude of words, 

just no silence, for that day.



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