breakfast flower.

Well, it doesn’t seem to be authentic. It looks too perfect, besides it has that leathery feel to it.  You didn’t even bother to smell it. I don’t need to smell it whether to see if it’s fake or real. It already looks fake enough. It is what it is, it is for decoration.

But you see, it is authentic. It is real. It is just too perfect to believe that it is genuine. Who knew a flower that beautiful could actually be real? It’s real. It is from a seed, it grows and it wilts. The wilting process however seems to be quite sad. Then again any death is sad of course. First, its core would begin to lose its colour, then gradually fade into black as it reaches the tips of the petals. The petals would then fall off from the black core.

It is a genuine flower. Don’t underestimate it.


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