Ten years in St. Scholastica’s College, Manila and I am truly grateful that I am graduating high school as a Scholastican.


For the last four years of my residency in this school, I am sure that most of the memories that I shall be bringing throughout my lifetime can be rooted to this period of time. Along side those memories are lessons containing what we would need for the outside world and more importantly the values our hearts have been instilled with. Our graduation has certainly been one bittersweet event to end our stay in High School. Well, I guess any graduation would have been bittersweet. All those times of laughter, tears, procrastination and setting the stage on fire are now merely memories. Though, I am sure that some of those fragments still live for there are lessons, feelings and experiences that have marked me permanently. Different faces have appeared and vanished during my life as a high school student. A few of those faces has definitely proven themselves special in this chapter of life. Reasons would vary but one thing is for certain, I am absolutely going to make sure that those people will stay for the remaining chapters.

With college just around the corner and employment on the next block, time seems to be moving at a pace that we can only comprehend the events around us at a faster rate or else we’d be stuck somewhere along the route. I shall miss my alma mater. I shall miss Curtain Call. I shall miss those four years of wonderful memories. Congratulations Batch 2013! We’ve made it. : )

And so we sail on to the next part, College.


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