How do you say goodbye to a room such as 315?

Perhaps we can walk around the corners of the room reminiscing the moments that contained laughter and tears in stages of serendipity. Lay down on the creaking floorboards and close our eyes to sounds that remain in echo amidst our memories. Stroke the filaments of our humanity that was once brought to a tremendous blaze in the shadows of this room.

Or maybe, we can just sit in our favorite corner. To smile about everything that has happened within this room filled with boundless love for theatre and for each other. Having tears roll down upon our cheeks with abundant joy for what has once been and what will be.

When the time does call, let’s walk to one of its doors. Don’t rush, savor each step for it is the last time after all. Glance back, make sure everything is in order for the next bunch who would use the room. Still do not forget to check if anyone has left anything, if any thing was forgotten, get it and bring it back to them. Let’s turn off those lights now.

i’ll miss you. each and every moment in this room with all the amazing people who were a part of curtain call.


thank you for teaching me all of this that i will bring with me.


thank you and good bye 315. 




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