let it grow

yesterday, something happened. i’m not that sure if it was outwardly evident but, gosh. it was one of the most beautiful feelings one can have. it was when you feel your soul on fire and every strand of your humanity is bursting life. your lungs yearning for fuel to make sure that each joint of your body was in synchronization with everything else. the music, the people, the atmosphere. there was this brightness that you cannot control that shines through the abyys of your entity. amazing i tell you. unfortunate it is since it was the first and last time. first and last time of my stay in highschool that is. i solemnly swear to not let this fire diffuse. i will, and i mean this and i really do, will continue with what my heart yearns for. with what sets my heart ablazed. all i know is i refuse to stop learning and doing, maybe just slower this time around. but i won’t stop.

thank You.

..when there’s a burning in your heart, don’t be alarmed…


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