to the stars and back (since stars are farther than the moon.)

it all started on fourfortyfive. messages containing love, love and love by definition.
sixforty came. she came unexpectedly with a chocolate cake.
sixforty again, well on my watch anyways. hugs, greetings and gifts start to shower. and so begins school day.
seventwentyfive, we dodged and ran (oh one gets used to it.) eyes lingered to a set of photos, a red box and coffee. smile begins to form.
ninetwenty. a sigh of relief escapes. two consecutive long tests in the morn just doesn’t always seem right. i just do hope my answers would save me. i pray that, it just might.
ninefifty. a full stomach of pesto pasta and a hand with a box of ferrero rocher (pronounced as roh-shey) . let’s not forget the coffee by seatmate frankie. (special mention, haha.)
tenfifty onwards til lunch, les mis in the class. projected on the not so big screen. piracy, you’re a blessing.
twelve o’clock – twelvetwenty or somewhere in between, oh heavens. something HUGE happened. never have i been placed in a situation where i had nothing but hugs and thank yous to give. ninjas, you were dears. going to our rehearsals to sing happy birthday with a red velvet cupcake. i tell you there was nothing but joy and love. my words would be understatements with how much i appreciated that gesture.

and so rings the bell on twothirtyfive, club on my birthday. i do feel its paradise. just a simple greeting please. i guess i shouldn’t expect. because these awesome people gave me so much more than i could have ever wished, hoped, prayed and dreamed for.

chairs out. an empty 315. blindfold & staircase. warm breeze & hushed giggles.
oh dear, what are you doing? i can feel this has a lot of effort placed in it.
N.E.L. 5 boxes, one letter each. L.I.Y.A.B.
bakit kayo ganyan? i don’t deserve this. salamat.
your speech, that hug and your greeting.
i wasn’t the only one who teared up, believe me. thank you though, i don’t know how to absorb those words in. gosh, i love you.
curtain call, mahal na mahal ko kayo. ngayon mashumigit pa. salamat. taos pusong pasasalamat.
mahal na mahal ko kayo curtain call. kaunti na nga lang.
*ngiting wagas*

seventen. dad, mom. i hope i’m the daughter you want me to be. cakes and steaks. repeat.
ninefiftysix. notifications continually pop up. thank you for even bothering to greet me despite the loads of matters to be dine. a few more minutes, and this day shall pass.
ten. another recall of the day.

with memories to be brought until the earth calls once again. here’s to another twelve months of a new chapter. twelve months of new experiences, peoples and beginnings.

seventeen. (yuck, im old.)
*growing up is always a choice though.

thank You.


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