contingency plan

Just a few moments ago, I posted something somewhat opposite to this entry. Well, I am feeling a bit bipolar these days and this is my blog after all.

I do earnestly hope this will help me keep sane until the end of my stay.

1.) STOP DETACHMENTS. i know. i’ve been feeling really guilty about this.

it really does hurt, so much. my reason being it would be harder to let go once the time comes, however, someone told me otherwise. it is my last year. less than 7 weeks. i’ve got less than 7 weeks to tell these girls how wonderful they are. to thank them that they entered my life. i did tell myself before the start of this school year that i’d have no regrets. i guess i just have to segregate a few feelings from now on.

2.) AVOID TRIGGERS. whoever and whatever they are, whatever the cost.

she’ll understand. they’ll understand. it will understand. if they don’t, then i guess they’re not meant to stay in my life. i should fix myself first.

3.) FOCUS ON THE BRIGHT SIDE. think happy thoughts.

coffee, rain, books, music. repeat.

4.) BRING BACK THAT FIRE. before it completely runs out.

it is possible that it’s rooted to something deep in myself that led to this. my heart yearns for this. did you notice how your heart swells up with the mere mention of  this?

5.) WALK OUT. it still remains a choice.

if it’s too much. the last resort. for my sanity.

Heavens, I hope this works. 


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