Tis’ the season falalalala lalalala

Despite the tulmutuous voices of young carollers knocking on our doors each evening, great feasts upon feasts mounted on dinner tables and clasped hands of children and their parents strolling in the avenues of malls, some people are just not able to grasp the essence of Christmas may it be intentionally or not. This is truly an unfortunate truth since this season’s quindity is rejoicing for our savior is born.

My family and I were strolling in the mall during Christmas eve. Now I was able to see 2 women who both had their beings nudge my heart. One was intently looking on her laptop screen jotting down on her notepad once in a while. She sips her coffee every now and then, but never did her eyes leave the laptop’s screen. Now the peculiar thing here was that she wouldn’t even have caught my attention if it weren’t for her bag which was oddly similar to someone who I know. In that wee coffee shop, there sits this woman, alone, working perhaps, and mind you, it’s Christmas. This other one was the woman giving the receipt in the parking lot. The person who you pay after parking, yeah that person. Well, my daddy asked until what time this person would be working and gosh, it was until 2 am. She wouldn’t be celebrating christmas. Heck she’d be all alone in that parking booth of hers humming christmas tunes into the early morn. *sigh* She just sacrificed something huge for her loved ones. I admire her courage for saying yes to it, but at the same time feel truly sad for those she left.

We often forget that we’re quite lucky in our own ways and we should be grateful for everything that we have even though in our perspective it is but little. A variety of events happen most especially during Christmas season, may it be good or bad, we must never forget that we’re having this celebration for Him. I guess the point of posting this here is we should ALWAYS be grateful and we should pray for these people. That hopefully the time christmas comes around next year, they’ll be with their loved ones celebrating the joyous coming of the savior into our hearts.

Happy holidays everyone. :)


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