oh, the tears.

it was just that a surge of emotions overwhelmed me in just one moment. hey, i’m merely human and i still need to learn the ability to handle that. a breakdown perhaps?

– immensely proud of curtain call.
i don’t even know where to begin to tell these people how they’ve grown in a span of months or that they performed truly well infront of the whole institution with the given time frame of one week or so. liyab.

– *insert series of huge sighs of relief* We’re done with the year!
this year has truly been one heck of a rollercoaster ride from the surface of the moon to the winding turns of the trench located in the deep blue. jusko po, Lord finally. In my perspective, peace camps are usually indications that the year will end soon. Wala ng stress, hay salamat. Panibagong taon na naman! Hoorrah
*we’re done with the panunuluyan too! christmas party na <3

– i am truly blessed to be surrounded by these people.
these people love and care for one another as much as the other does to them. there's this warm gut feeling that you know that they always got your back whenever and wherever. i love them, so much.

– the feeling of being accepted for whoever or whatever you are.
they're quite a bunch. talented and beautiful ones at that.

– knowing He is watching from above

– why does the word "can't" exist?
This word is seriously going in my blacklist of vocabulary. How can you "cannot" when there's ALWAYS a way to everything? It's just that you won't be able to have everything, that you'd need to sacrifice one thing. It's just that. This is quite frustrating.

– those tears.
Oh how evident it was that you truly wished to stay. It was. Too bad it's just that you need to be somewhere else. I don't know why but it kinda hurts. Hah. Who am I kidding? It did. Honestly? It really did hurt, alot. We understand, no doubt there. But as said, we're humans. We feel things. Also, if you stayed we could have probably celebrated the last peace camp mass as a club. Now, that would be glorious.

– it's our last peace camp. the last panunuluyan.
10 years of experiencing this tradition and soon we'll be parting with it. 'Nuff said.

don’t leave. please?


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