wishes come with a price.

I could consider this date, September 22, 2012 one of the most memorable Saturdays I have ever had. Saturdays had always been a source of relaxation and recreation from all the hustle and bustle of school stress, talk and activities. However due to the numerous suspensions from the weather conditions, this privilege has now been taken away, not only from me, but from the rest of the students within the metro. It is more or less one of those days where we would have to drag our bodies out from bed, climb through tenacious staircases and sit in class while we wait for the ring of the dismissal bell. The anxiety of waiting for the dismissal bell has been raised to a different degree this Saturday though.

Beginning with the strike of midnight, I have been constantly tossing and turning on my bed due to intake of caffeine during that night. It almost seemed impossible to doze off with the high endorphin levels and excitement for the next coming hours. Thankfully, I was able to doze off somehow. Though through my sleep, I do believe that the release of endorphin levels has not been accomplished. So when I woke up, I was in more than a jolly good mood to start the day.My mind has been filled with all things giddy and euphoric that have made me act in a manner that everyone would have questioned. Ranging from the lyrics from the movie Barbie Princess and The Pauper to the taste of Huckleberry from last year’s trip to Alaska, I was quite hyped up for the coming hours that have been first planned about 2 months ago. My conscious state was more than correct in thinking that people would have been intrigued by this attitude of mine. I believe I was half unconscious in what I have been doing and feeling in my class. Definitely, I would not have shouted in the corridors, laughed like a maniac, fumble with words, smile like an idiot and sang on the top of my if it was just an ordinary day. The power of joy is actually overwhelming. Not only could it conquer you, but sometimes you could share the feeling with others as well.  I am really glad I shared it with a few. :)

Have you ever felt excited but scared or happy but worried? Well those, I have felt all at the same time. I was quite worried that none would show up at all with what the words that my other classmates have left me with. Better late than never I’d say. Thank God, they showed up. They would’ve missed a huge, HUGE opportunity in learning lit the awesome way. The hour when she would arrive was steadily approaching.

5 minutes away from touchdown. Oh how my heart fluttered in a variety of directions when I was able to see that white car of hers. I honestly just wanted to run and hide since I was utterly lost for words and actions in how I could show my utmost gratitude for giving us her time to help us with Lit. The mere sight of her rekindled the joy and excitement I had once felt for this subject. (And I know, l’m not alone of this thought. ;) ) 

You could observe the discrepancy of the state of my classmates from normal to excitement, then relief afterwards reaching to a point of sheer glee. We discussed several topics that have been neglected. Reasons being are disclosed information. Archetypal Crit and Into The Woods seem to have been the topics that have been profoundly explained compared with LOTR. And I do hope that there would be a part two of what just took place. Chocolates for recitation marks was one of the highlights there.

I tell you, it is quite frustrating with how much I am missing my class last year. The atmosphere and vibe of it all feels so right. These splendid, funny and beautiful people… oh I just miss them. awfully did, awfully do. I am quite thankful that we had the chance to come together as a ‘class’ even for just a few hours and the lack of some. Next time, let us be complete and maybe a few more hours to add to it all? Next time. I hope there will still be one.


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