hello monday!

Due to the infusion of caffeine through my system earlier, a marathon of giddiness and enthusiasm is currently coursing through me. Since I am not that of a productive person, in-terms of school work, I shall transfer this energy towards this entry. Today has been such an eventful day.  Or it was just the caffeine that lead me to this conclusion? In any case, it is not everyday that you have a The Amazing Race ambiance on Mondays. (unless you’re running late for class, but that doesn’t really count.)

To start the day, my phone died in the middle of the night which resulted into not having my alarm go off. Whenever events like these happen, I usually go concluding that it is a sign that the day wouldn’t turn out as to what I expected, but I guess today was an exemption. I had to rush through my morning routines to be sure that I arrive on time in school. Thankfully, I did arrive before everyone was scurrying down the staircase. The funny thing there was not 30 seconds had passed when one of our administrators entered the room. I would like to believe that the boisterous noises called her attention which led to her observing that the aircons were on while the classroom’s doors were widely open. I was quite dumbfounded with the thought that fate could have let me arrive 30 seconds, or a few minutes later from that incident. Well, oh well. Lessons learned, I hope.

Literature. Oh dear, Lit. Maybe this is one of those list full of reasons as to why I did not have her as my teacher. Goodness. Well, I did expect that I would. But, I did not expect that more than 70% of the class would fail. I’m quite grateful that my teacher is kind enough to lower the denominator to increase the passing rate of the class. Now if only my math teacher would do the same. I am merely hoping that I’ll pass the LT, given that we are required to answer another part of the test that would HOPEFULLY, boost our scores. *sigh*

Adrenaline filled students hurriedly ran through the corridors as the thought of being late for our Robinson’s Exposure Trip was poisoning our brain cells. Luckily, we weren’t really late. Though, our class was to leave the campus, and our group being the last. We hastily passed through the very easygoing groups in our class. Oh boy! It was my first time to commute without my parents or anyone from my household. A whole different feeling, I say! I have been telling my mother that I can commute without her, and this trip definitely proved it. Needless to say, there were a variety of events that had occurred while we were in Robs. Really fun ones at that.

Though exhausting the trip was, we usually don’t let our energies go to a drastic drop of zero. I believe it was nearing to 3 when suddenly we go to a state of “bangagness” and laugh off until we go to our normal state. A wonderful way to adapt, it works. Well for our kind anyways.

Also. Good news! I have passed the Physics LT. I did not expect it, since I thought my number of significance was wrong, though that turned out to be the opposite. It wasn’t that high, but I suppose it would do. I should definitely do a better job next week. Had a perfect score for the quiz as well. Hoorah for that too.

This week better be a good one. I need to balance my acads, club, social life AND college applications. Oh dear. College Apps. Speaking of, I shall try to finish my Ateneo Essay. Until the next really long post then.

caffeine, what have you done to me. 


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