thirty-two hours and ticking.

The blazing sunlight caresses your face as you blink once, twice for your eyes to adjust to the breathtaking scenery just beyond the glistening shoreline. Drinking from your favorite freshly brewed drink at the local coffee shop while reading a good book. Jamming out with your friends as if you were in a sold-out rock concert while in fact it was just a adrenaline filled game of Rockband. That heartfelt conversation that you and your closest friends have been planning for summer finally pushing through. Gazing through the infinite sky as you count the stars with your bestbud down by the beach, while having music blasted in the distance. Having those idle moments to snuggle up with a pillow while drinking hot cocoa and watching the episodes upon episodes of your favorite tv shows.

Sadly, this is not how my summer turned out to be. With the 3 months that were given to us as we were supposedly to have this “Sweet Respite”, unfortunately, I am one of those people who have, but not completely, wasted this wonderful opportunity. My last HS Summer. Having to handle certain obligations as of the moment that would be having a tremendous amount of impact in my future to simply not being able to resist the sweet temptations of the alluring chilliness of my bed, I am sad to say that I guess I didn’t really find a way to fulfill my urge to have that respite. I have been yearning for this amazing, splendid summer in the last school year, however it just didn’t happen. mea culpa.

Though, I believe it was not completely wasted. I did gain certain keen insights on things I would never have even imagined I could do when I had this free time. I shan’t be elaborating on this topic since. Well just because. :) I met new people, amazing people I might add. Not to mention feeling Joe Jonas’ soft well-lotioned hands and seeing in person those gorgeous sexy eyes of Mr Ian Somerhalder. I definitely learned some useful information in our reviews at LSC. Well I can probably say the same regarding the reviews I attended in SSC, but I do believe it was a better learning experience in LSC.


(c) clara cayosa

Regarding the jamming out in a concerts I mentioned earlier, actually it is partly true. However it was not our concert but Vertical Horizon’s. That was my first concert with friends, and having been in that spot just singing, screaming out the lyrics of your club’s theme song. Well, that was really one of the nicest feelings out there.

Reminiscing back now, well I can’t say it totally sucked, but definitely it wasn’t I expected. It is not that eventful as I had hoped for, but it was worth it. I remember having one of my teachers in the SSC reviews telling us that,

“you won’t get to experience the summer after junior year and that the real summer begins after you graduate from high school.”

I believe my summer was more of contemplating and being in solitude. I do not regret those times when I remained in my world of silent musings and observations, because there was progress. There is progress.

It is definitely now time to find that route back to facing reality and heed to the obligations of a high school student. So I guess our batch will face those obligations for the last time. Should face it the last time. Heck, I’m going to make it a one awesome, spectacular and unforgettable school year.

Bring it on, Senior Year!



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