thinking, and writing.

With the summer nearing to its end, I believe that it’s time to jot down the courses that would help me reach that Great Perhaps. Well then, I’ve always thought about the courses, made some mental notes but have not written anything regarding the topic other than for the needed school purposes. Hopefully, this post will clear certain confusions in my head. Special thanks to Camille Cervantes for giving me the idea to do this.

I’ve grown to actually like theatre, not just the acting and production aspect but the history and process of it as well. I believe that it’s actually a lifestyle. In line with this curiosity for theatre, I want to learn more. Learn more, and do more that is related to it. I can imagine myself working in the possible career opportunities that it has. However, my family insists that the payment is low, and it would not suffice for my financial needs. I have to say that their argument is well supported with the evidences that are present in the society these days. Though, if I had siblings, I think the possibility that I can take up Theatre Arts would have increased. My emotional and spiritual needs as a human would definitely be met with this course. Thank God for Curtain Call for bringing this into my list of interests, even though it simply cannot be. *sigh* I hope I can take it up after I finish with the course that I will take. I would really really love to take up Theatre Arts.

Now with the course, that I am going to take, Communication Arts, I’m really “just okay” with it. I didn’t really grow up with the thought that I would be taking this up when college comes around. I guess the influences came to me in the form of practicality, my hobbies, my admiration for certain whatnots and the people that I’ve met. My childhood musings were of that I would be taking up Medicine to be a doctor, pediatrician to be exact (totally off my list right now) or taking up Computer Science, which nows seems to be totally impossible in lieu with my ever just average science grades, not to mention those abit low math grades as well. Besides, I don’t want to have a future that just lets me sit infront of a computer all day long just programming, typing, and tinkering. It’s quite a boring lifestyle I’d say. It’s going to be a very repetitive lifestyle. And I’m simply not good with those.

Regards to the possible job opportunities that Com. Arts have, it is very much near to those of Theatre Arts, if I would have Production as my major. However, my family is rooting for me to get journalism or broadcasting as it would hopefully let me have a stable life while I am still in this world. I have no problems with that. I can imagine myself writing an article for a magazine or a newspaper, doing interviews (on CNN and/or BBC. hehe.) and/or probably being on the field writing a soon-to-be-hit cover story about a certain event. I can definitely live with that yet I just have this feeling that there will always be a part of me that would long to be in a production team. Unfathomly, I seem to not have the courage to imagine myself as a film/show publicist, producer or director. Maybe my guts is telling me that this is not the right choice, however I cannot understand as to why I still feel attracted to it.

Mind you, I am not taking up Communication Arts with the possible job remunerations it may have. One of my goals in life is to help the country rise up from where it is now. Even though you play just a tiny part in it, at least you would help. It is an ambitious goal, it seems impossible, but it is just whether the probability of it coming true would be high or low. Though having that aside, it seems as if this course would help me determine the definition of Carpe Diem. 

Let’s go back to reality, shall we? English is the only forte that I have. Well, I think it is. As well as Filipino, I think, removing certain aspects of the subject.  I don’t fit into business or science courses either. So, these are basically the only courses that come to mind when I think of college. I’m really alright with that, content and happy actually. I seem to have just the other problem.

  College Entrance Exams.


3 thoughts on “thinking, and writing.

  1. It’s good that you are self-debating on the outcomes of your choices. May the luck be on your side, Little Derp. // Oh, just so you know, Communication Arts is a visually-inclined course. You’re going to be doing a lot of designing and film-making and photography and all that, which I think you are greatly good at. So, get out there and show them what you’ve got! :)

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