i can feel the piercing coldness crawling through my skin as i placed my hand on the wall to balance myself. the illumination of my phone’s screen barely lit the path as i went deeper into the cave. the cave was quite barren now. the temperature drastically dropped when i reached the area where we usually hold our bonfires and tell these fantastic stories. i crouched down to see if any remnants of our last gathering here were evident. a sigh escaped from my system. it will never be the same, never.

footsteps reverberated inside the cave. well, this is not good. i got up from my sitting position, a bit queasy from the abrupt change. i turned on my cellphone’s screen and it sent off a faint glow inside the cave. i started to jog  in a frantic manner towards the mouth of the cave. however a familiar figure stood before the opening of the cave. cor. squinting through the darkness, he seems to be smiling. that was the last i saw him.


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