but a mere memory.

In the absence of the usual familiars, through the fear of the unknown of what might have been and what might have not been, a scintilla of hope lights up your being even when you thought it could never exist. Bravery is one of the essential attributes in order to take a step out of the past and grasp the present to make a good future for yourself. It is very much painful if the past you have held on to for so long was that like of mine and that you never predicted that the future would be like those of now. There is a slight possibility that those flashbacks could leave you in utter depression, enigma or the feelings that could lead you to love solitude permanently. No doubt, simple gestures or mere phrases could ignite the feeling that would surely bring you to your destruction, well for a moment or two. You can always brood forever, remain in that world of destruction or save yourself from it. Either way, you’re the only one who can decide, always. However glancing back now, there were definitely a lot of moments where I was in a state of sheer wonder and amazement. It kinda leaves me stunned that those thing actually happened in reality, and were not mere figments of a fairy-tale day dream. I tremble in fear to know that there are certain things, people and events that I would have to forget as time passes by. I was desperate to have those memories be etched in my heart permanently. Though with much thinking, I have finally come into an agreement with myself that the memories, the usual familiars and the fear of it all are but just natural to have. It is part of living. And heck, I want to live my life to it’s fullest with hope and bravery being the base of it all. Carpe Diem.


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