mission accomplished.

for the both of us, i guess? :)

kids sneaking up staircases, wary of the blinking lights of the moving security camera tracing each of their steps, movements. gulps of breath, panting. inhale, exhale. inhale, exhale. crouched low on the floor, hiding behind the shadows of the railing with necks craned over the balcony. the coast is clear. rapid flow of cold liquid caressing their skins with dirt of all kinds staining clothes to skins. alright. we’re in the location. a frivolous attempt to set up with all that has been brought, careful not to be seen by a lurking eye. teacher at 12:00…1:00…2:00… Clear. a soft but clearly distinct alarm sounded through one of the bags. “palapit na kami.” adrenaline rush completely filled the atmosphere. frantic movements and muffled laughters sprinting to and fro the area. shoot. where the hell do we hide. storage room.

and the very familiar start of Everything You Want by Vertical Horizon starts to play…

“..you have come so far…”



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