pounding trickles of rain start to pour down from the ever gloomy skies. the crowd gradually grew under the bus station that looks like it was about to collapse. the man peered through his newspaper and wondered if they noticed that the roof  would give in soon. he folded up his newspaper, tucked it in his arms and placed on his soaked fedora hat. he pulled on his coat and started to leave before he gave his last glance to the bus station and gave them a fair amount of smile. queer looks were given to this man. puddles were quite evident throughout the pathway. he skipped through them gleefully not minding a bit towards the weather. the man reached out towards the sky as if to put a miraculous stop to the rain. the queer looks of the crowed increased ever so slightly. he dropped to his knees, the fedora hat falling into the mud puddle just a few inches away from him.

he tried.

believe me he did.


…unfortunately it was just too late. 


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