of this and that.

when thoughts wander endlessly with nothing to stop them. they do this.


a gush of wind seems to have thrown over the green and purple colored windmill your sister had implanted to the ground. queer, you thought. since november, this is the first time it got knocked down by the wind again. usually there’s no trace of wind when summer comes. five months now, and it’s all about to end. the fumes are slowly ceasing. you take in a deep breath starting to reminisce the months you had together with them. when you got startled by your father’s grandfather clock. you haven’t gotten to it’s eerie tone when it hits five thirty. you never really seem to understand how and why it rings at that time every single day. must be broke, the thought appeared just before the ring of the clock ended.

right. you put the stapled pieces of paper down. the land of the sun. guess reading that needs to wait. they said it was good, really good. you looked once more outside from your velvet cushioned window sill. it really is windy. you decide to take the gray jacket hanging on the coat hanger beside you.

“I’ll be back.” you shouted through the empty corridors of the house.

there’s still a bit of daylight, excellent. you start running to the path into the woods. twigs and grass scattered at the foot of it, it’s hardly detectable from a distance’s view. the wind blows through your hair. you tie it up into that perfect pony tail you have mastered ever since you were little. you take out your cellphone and use it as your mirror. everything seems to be alright. i’m alright. and then you noticed something. a smile is plastered on your face right now. sadly, it doesn’t reach your eyes.

“I’m alright. I really am.” you thought aloud in the outskirts of the forest.

You closed your eyes and took in a deep breath. you feel the rhythm of your pulse underneath your skin. fast. I’m alright. You lift your right leg, then left with every step heavy as the roots of trees that are implanted to the soil.


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