when people run in circles.

There are these moments where in you want the world to stop, and just have the time to look at the numb ache you’re feeling inside. I’m not even sure if you would call it an ache. It seems like a pretty bottomless empty pit somewhere inside. The more I look at it, the more it gets deeper and harder to get out from.

You try to do the tasks you planned on doing however a trigger was suddenly pulled somewhere. Everything would start to collapse, bringing you back to that bottomless pit. With all these mixed emotions that you have, you try to crawl back up from that pit, and start again.

In our world today, you could always pretend. They’ll never figure out.You’ll just hurt yourself by showing the world, letting them help you and not get you. You could ask for their help, but then you’re sharing the problem, you’ll be giving them another burden to carry while they have their own problems.

There seems to be no escape from feeling this now and then, but it would be nice if this would subside. Well, if its appearance would lessen. It will take some time, definitely. I’m just not sure when.

You don’t know what I’m talking about. I assure you, you don’t want to know. Keep on guessing because one way or the other you have made the correct assumption and I will never tell you if it is right or wrong. 

trapped between the gulf of time and distance

definitely placed inside a glass of trance

no rewind, pause or stop.

you just have play.


seize the day.


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