ninjas. the unforgettable ones.

this has been an insanely awesome school year.

damn it. i don’t know how to say goodbye anymore. i’m through with tearing up, with letting all these tears flow. it just hurts too much.
..tomorrow would be the last day we’ll be staying in a 301 together as a class. the last time we’ll hear the hum of our aircon units which occasionally breaks down. the last time we’ll be complete.

things would change definitely. but i am merely hoping that these people in my class, would not. i hope they still remain true to their self. because that’s what will make them unforgettable in my heart. honestly, this class taught me so much about myself, so many things i never imagined i could realize. these wonderful, beautiful people. thank you so much for the really great school year. one heck of a rollercoaster ride. literally.

if only i could engrave in myself everything that has happened in this school year. but unfortunately, that’s not how humans work.

let’s hope for the best and here’s to a succesful and happy future for everyone.


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