a new chapter.

this is probably my fourth time to start this whole blog post. Guess i cam’t express how amazing this day was. i can’t decide on how to write about this day.

woke up in a jolly good mood, had a very good day. it went really well actually.
no expectations, no disappointments diba? ikaw nagturo sa akin nito.

never did i imagine that this dream would come true. to be given the chance to lead a whole bunch of people who you love and will love, who shares the same passion as you, whose flames have been ignited and you must continue to ignite… it’s just simply overwhelming.

pangako, aalagaan ko kayo ng buong puso, kaluluwa at lahat ng aking makakaya. hindi ko kayo pababayaan. let’s create things, different things, that would put our audience in utter awe.

let’s continue the legacy. walang iwanan.

for God, for country, for art.


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