the soft bristles of the grass tickle your ear to the wind that has been caressing your skin for the past few minutes. eye lids fluttered up and they saw a shade of blue has filled the sky with just a few clouds passing through. there’s nothing so special about this day, just an average one. it seems like it was just yesterday, that something special did happen on this day, at this exact location, at this exact hour. faces and figures started to form in the midst of your thoughts. an abrupt change of position and you fell back into a sitting position. legs crossed and hands gripping the ground.

another gush of wind hits your face. this time, with the realization that you need to move on. you should move on. a heavy sigh escapes your system. five trees were lined up in a horizontal row  that had red benches surrounding them. you see a group of people were in a circle, playing a game. the ninja game. it was famous when you were in grade school before, but you hardly play it now since everyone thinks it’s childish. well almost everyone, except these group of people. how long has it been since you last saw them together like this? smiling and their boisterous laughter echoing through your ears. laughter that  could even be heard from where you stood.

the girl wearing her sophomore batch shirt got touched by the other one girl who you’re not familiar with that much. well she’s new. you slowly start to make your way. you remove bits and pieces of grass from your blue jeans. mud stains are evident on your converse which you polished just that morning. oh well. you shifted your gaze from the last piece of grass on your gray jacket to the group of people in the far end of the field. you crossed your arms, contemplating whether you should join them or watch from a distance, a safe distance. they seem to be having fun even without you, but you still want to join them. you know they’ll accept you regardless of what they feel right now. you take a step forward, and then another. the wind seems to be getting stronger now, your hair gets to your face and you tie it back into that perfect pony tail you learned long before. inhale, exhale. another deep breath and you go into a sprint to those group of people in the field. you feel the wind blowing against your face, a cold slap with every step you take. your panting growing louder, more exaggerated, no. it’s not, you’re just tired. heavier and louder steps the closer you get. you run, with every step memories started to fill in yourself.

it was the day. auditions once again. you never really understood why there was a need for this sort of thing when you clearly passed the auditions before. the door slightly opened and a not so familiar person faced you. she was wearing this wonderful dress, puffed sleeves and discreet. she places her hands into her front pockets, rocking back and forth. back and forth. she thanks you for showing up for the auditions that day, that you were interested with theater.

inhale. exhale. hushed tones of the machine were the only things that you heard. darkness started to disintegrate from your system, and you heard the click of the light switch. inhale exhale. the trickles of tears on your face started to fade. eyes started to be dry once again, and a quivering mouth getting ready to stop to quiver. inhale. exhale. that was an exhilarating feeling definitely. it was the first time you experienced something like it. you didn’t want it to stop. you didn’t know it was done. you just knew that it was her voice that you heard, and it was with those group of people you did it with. inhale. exhale. amazing.

where is she? the only question that has been stuck in your mind ever since you arrived in school. there’s really nothing to do here. you look about the room and see a handful of people getting their notebooks from the bag and practicing their speeches up front. oh right. you remember they’re going to have rehearsals for the current production just outside the room you’re in. you grab the door knob and start to turn it, and then you heard a knock. with a quick pull of the door, you saw her.

school’s finally out.


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