daily rantings

it was just that i was traumatized by the things that had happened in the past. i didn’t want it to repeat. i don’t know maybe i’m just gullible. i’m scared alright. i don’t want it to happen again. there’s this heavy feeling inside me that swallows me up, and i’m scared. really scared, i would not know what to believe. i would no’t think, i would do what i feel is right. i’m just upset why it repeated itself.

next thing are the ghost stories. i’m not really afraid of them. i don’t mind them, but really when i heard that i kind of felt weak at that moment. i don’t know maybe it was because of the thing that happened earlier. maybe. but really, i did not expect that i would scurry like a fragile little kid next to that table. damn that knock. made my lips quiver till the middle of my next class. jeez. no more ghost stories please.

l. being bias now are you? i don’t even have that much of… compared to my other classmates. that is just so bias. what did i do huh. tell me. well, whatever look my gosh…what ever.


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