latepost aug13

I don’t know if I should make seperate accounts for this day. I’m REALLY not sure, but in any case, I would want to remember this day. I’ll just focus on the good parts, nyahehe. Other than it’s the end of the periodicals, today is actually the beginning of something else. Something I must accomplish with impeccable performance.

…cause you’re a god and i am not….

Such a lovely alarm tone, I believe. Got up, ate, and did a recap of certain topics. 6:30, not bad at all. A mass was going on in the chapel, decided to stay for roughly about 10 minutes, or so. There was something that I noticed though, including myself in this observation, high school students tend to populate the chapel if and only if there are periodical exams or some kind of other important tests.

Now, in the classroom, I was reviewing my notes in science for the last time. I didn’t learn anything from the question and answer my classmate hosted. Sitting on the platform, relaxed, abit excited that it’s all going to and then suddenly someone entered. Oh gosh, my lips started to quiver, fingers were shaking as if I had some kind of sickness ( this only went for a few minutes or so), my face felt drained of blood, or was it the opposite? I really couldn’t tell at that moment. My heart beat was so fast, or did it stop? I suddenly experienced a certain pressure in my chest and on my face. Murmurs of, ” Nel… Nelissa… Nel!!, Yiee! ” made me fidget more when I was preparing the things needed for the examination. There was no hint of the her we know in Curtain, no hint of it at all. A few more minutes before the examination, and a little story she did tell. Her first line of 7 was in chemistry, devastated she was. Laughters and murmurs was heard in that room, the sound of people’s heartbeats as well. *ehem ehem*.

” If anything falls, I’ll come over and pick it up.” – That line. This line. If you really know me, I know you’re thinking what I’m thinking at this exact moment. :P

Papers were passed, rules were followed. She definitely has eyes like those of a hawk. The class felt it’s intensity, oh it did. It really did. I honestly did not know what I should be more nervous of, the fact that my wish came true, and unfortunately it happened in Chemistry or the fact that I was running out of time for this test. Bloody hell. I noticed my hands were still shaking until about the second part of the test. I imagined that I would finish the test early and just bear my eyes right into hers, but yeah. Ran out of time.



I was hoping I would be alone, but I think it was better to have someone observe. Let me just put up the lines that I remembered correctly.

” I never had a director who did not break down. Just never break down in front of your class. Never. ”

… And hopefully, I’d be a legend. Kidding, but I think I would break down one way or the other. Why do you think I’m preparing this early? I’m scared, I’m nervous. I really am scared. Would I be able to handle the pressure? How would I? Would anyone listen to me at all? Nevermind what they think of me, but what if they don’t listen? What if they don’t get motivated? These are just some of the questions that run through my mind everytime I would think of an idea, or just by merely thinking of something regarding the play. In any case, I should be able to put with these troubles no matter what. I know I should.

“Twelfth Night never lost. This play had only been included for the four times. And in those four times, it was always in the top 3.”

PRESSURE MUCH, ’nuff said. Woo. We should place number 1. We definitely should be in number 1. Comedy or tragedy, whatever, still be in number 1. ONE.

At least now, I have a bit of a concrete idea on how and what to do. Let’s just hope everything falls in to place. There would be no hindrances that I ( the class ) could not conquer and Pray that everything would be perfect on the date of the play production.


Gate 1, haa. Awesome, nyahehe. First, I got someone’s plate number. BAM. Well, it’s not that great really. I don’t believe it is. The last time I got a glimpse of ‘her’ car was about a year ago. I remember looking for her car around school, whenever I see a car that looks similar to it, I’d jump to conclusions. Hai. Bad times, but funny ones. Well now at least I have the plate number. :)

A photography project, now I’m definitely excited for that. I hope I would finish earlier than December. I had a really great time waiting for me to get fetched. Thank you, if you are reading this. ( Hopefully you are not, that would be…depressing :P )

I need to keep it the same or raise it higher. I would love to do that. Raise it higher, keep it up. There’s this feeling of relief and happiness that you did something that you thought impossible to do. I believe this is my purpose, if it isn’t, will someone please elucidate me regarding this matter? Hm.

Well, this is it for now. This is pretty long. Guess that’s an outcome of not having net for today. I should probably read the book again, and again. and again…and again…and..again….


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