smile and the world would too. :)

and i woke up thinking that i would be in a bad mood through out the day.

but then something made me think again.

i’d try it. just even for today, if it doesn’t work then fine.


…but.. :)…let’s skip to comm. arts then club hour


everything’s okay now. There might be some awkward feeling coming from me, but maybe not from her. It would vanish soon though. Soon.

I can feel everything’s going to be okay soon. just let me not do anything stupid


club houuuuuuuuuuuuur. yeeeeeey.


music.. is my affinity? Nyaha. Maybe. Maybe.

Everything You Want was played! Talk about really awesome.


Everyone seems so nice… I like it. They’re cuties. Nyahehe.

I hope I’ll be able to know all of them… and they won’t be scared of me. lulz.


smile, and the world would really do too.

Try it. Just try. :)


..perfection of your face, slows me down… slows me down,

now fall down… i need you to trust me…



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