God knows how much I like her.
God also knows that I like her, but some of us don’t.
God knows.

However, please.
God, please let her know how we really feel right now.
Please please, we’re really sorry. Our sincerest apology.
We didn’t intend for it to end that way.
We didn’t intend to offend her.
We didn’t knew.

Pleaae Lord. :(
I don’t want it to be like this and a teacher.
Lord, please. I don’t want her to be upset with our class.

My remarks were overly rude.
They were annoying. Hell knows how much I’m regretting about it now.
I never want or will want, intend or will intend to do that again. I am not putting this up again.

I will not show this talent in class anymore.
I will be just a mere loser.

God knows how much devastated I am.
All the thoughts, all the CAUSE AND EFFECT this will do through out the school year.

Please Lord.
Please. :((


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