I must confess that I’ve been on the verge of a very serious matter. I almost lost my faith in God. This really depresses me when I think of this now. I mean, everything really fell apart. He  was just not there, there were even times when I questioned my existence in life. What’s the point of all this. Where do we go after we die? What are the other beliefs in the world? Is there really someone out there who looks over us? These were just some of the thoughts that run through my mind every night I go to bed.

However things did change after awhile. I’m not sure when, but a turn of events happened. Something that really made me need to believe in God. Something that made me pray to Him. From then on, I prayed every night. I thank the Lord for the day he has given me. I thank him for all the new people I met, that my day went well. Since then, I noticed that my life was lighter. There was less burden. I believe in Him now. I really do. Especially, with what happened today. 

He is my God. He is my Saviour. I will never deny him once more.



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