today’s generation /open parties/

maybe it doesn’t happen around the world. maybe it doesn’t happen all over the Philippines. maybe, it just happens here. where I’m in, or is it?

its what people my age wants. its what they think they need. they would do anything for such social status. an example of this is going to open parties. drinking, humping, kissing, making-out, and possibly even taking drugs. I don’t know if that’s what you actually call happiness or what not. But believe me, you won’t be happy in a few years looking back to what you did in the past. Honestly. It’s just a slutty thing to do. Immature really.

They need to grow up, and look at the world around them. Someone really needs to tell them that they’ve gone to far. Parties hosted by these people should be arrested for giving minors the liberty to drink and smoke in their venues. They even sponsor free condoms, which leads people to think that they’ll be 100% baby proof.

This could really ruin their future. I just needed somewhere to rant about this. It’s a depressing thing really. Lying to their parents and going out at night? Unless there’s a parent stupid enough to let their kids party with a bunch of strangers and have a one-night stand with their daughter.

I hope this comes to an end soon.


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