Irish people are sexy.

Particularly The Script. :’)

So I went to their concert last night and hell it was the most awesome thing I’ve ever experienced! I never thought that they could sound so good live. Love it. Well now, I think I’ll post some of my experiences. :D I don’t know where else to post these..

  • I went with my mother to the concert – which I thought totally sucked since, most of the people in my school go with their friends, cousins, or something like that. But then I realized I can run to the stage and leave my mom on her seat. :D Win win for everyone.
  • I got to grab Glen’s drumsticks – but 2 more other people were tugging it, so I let it go.. :(
  • There were these cute foreigners infront of us. – I think they were brits or australians. big turn off: he kept flipping his air like Justin Bieber’s. His bangs doesn’t move.. /sigh
  • The coliseum was packed! – It was a sold out concert what can you expect? xD An estimated 8,000 – 11,000 fans filled the arena.
  • Danny is a drunkard – ( well obviously) but his voice is still amazing and all. Glen shared that fact among us xD
  • I’m Yours by the script  – was written at 2-3 AM when Danny was really really drunk. It made the song more emotional.. They’re so good.
  • I got to touch danny o’sexy – Irish sweat never felt this good.. >.> xD Hah. But I feel lucky <3
  • Danny’s Mic fell from his grip! – Haha. It was a funny scene really. x] Though it only happened for a mere 5 seconds perhaps. It happened near us.. :P
  • Danny’s mini dances were so cool! – He’s so cute doing them when he sings. :3
  • They did 13 songs + 2 Encores. :D
  • They said Mahal Ko Kayo.. :”> AHIHIHIHI.
  • The t-shirts that were sold on the venue – were a whopping 1,300 pesos. I mean seriously. Why is it so expensive? :(
And lastly they’re the most amazing band I’ve ever heard. Meaningful lyrics, great vocals when they’re live. Accommodating people. You just gotta love them! <3
I hope they come back soon.. :)

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