Cards out. Woo. The day I’ve been waiting for! :) With a lovely dream to accompany me in waking up.  Hah. Great start. Great Great Start.

Alright. Lets move on to schoool.

So my guess about having a line of 7 in Filipino came true. Not surprised about that anymore. 

I didn’t see alot of my classmates. So I walked in the hallway like a loner. sad life isn’t it? 

Lets get to the good parts shall we?

It all started with the box.

I was helping out my teacher with that box since she was going to the ‘room’ . I practically hurled everything i got. It didn’t matter, it paid off actually. We were already in the faculty room and the door there was heavy and all. She was the only one in the English Area. :) I pushed that box but then I slipped. 

“Nelissa? You alright? ” I heard it alright. Hah.

Then I was pushed out of the room. Ouch. Though, once again its alright.

So I stood in front of the faculty for quite sometime since I didn’t know what to do. Then I remembered about the book I brought with me. I told someone to get miss D. so that I can tell her about Angelology. :)

We chatted till 10:30. And well. That was a long time standing there. but I did learn something about some stuff on there. :) 

And finally.. she came outside.

Chatted for a bit, cried the 2nd time in front of her. HAH. True tears. Dear.

Yeah.. Thats about it.

Pat’s Visit! :)

I never really knew that I could be this close with a person older than me. Well, a person who’s not from my batch and all. Honestly a great person, a great guide and above all a great friend. :) Hoping this friendship will last for quite sometime. <3


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