profound truth.


Yes. I believe so.

but not me.

I honestly know I can make a change in the world, I know that I’m not shallow. I know that I’ll be epic one day.


Oh by the way

Everyone already went, and just us Paccem, Sab, Patt & Ate Xtel are left. Plus the seniors and miss mortel.

Since it was the last meeting, miss let the seniors hug her.

And of course..


I honestly can believe that I was crying and laughing at myself at the same time. Okay, people looked at me with those O_o stares.


Strike 1.


We were all going home already when they reminded buddha about the video.

They all talked about what I included in the video, and yes I did include buddha.


I was trying to explain myself to her regarding that part since it was a send off and all, but she gave me one of those ” ALAM KO NA.” smiles. You know the one where your crush knows you have a crush on them. But I still find her attractive on that part, when she did that.


Strike 2.


We were already leaving, and buddha KINDA figured out whats happening..


Last moments:

Buddha: ” Nelissa, CD tomorrow okay? ”



STRIKE 3. And there goes the ball.

Therefore I conclude she knows, but as she said.


All Business. All Business.


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