Observations. FTW.

Weird, I’m kind of observational these days

. From the moment I woke up, I felt like dancing. I must admit that I’m not a good dancer, I think I’m a frustrated dancer. Haha. Its just plain weird, since I hated dancing when I was a kid and well I just practiced a few steps yesterday, but I think I feel my heart getting attached to it. I feel weird when I dance in public, thats why I hated dancing. But, seeing some of my friends dance so gracefully, so freely, so impeccably awesome, just made me wanted to join them. Though, thinking of me dancing more, kind of makes my heart leap for joy or something like that. I wonder if theres still hope for me.

Alright, Lets move to the school part.

I’ll write this from my POV.
– I was looking for someone, but I was too lazy to go out alone and search for her, so I asked my ‘friend’ to help me look for her. I have a crush on this, ‘ friend. ‘ And I kinda look like her crush, so anyways. When we went out, the people near the door were like, ” YIEEEEEEEEEEEE!! ~~ ” Yeap. babbling all those stupid crap. Though I can’t help but think what she’s thinking.It could entirely ruin our friendship, with these teasing and stuff.

And God knows, I do not want that to happen, ever. Well then. When I couldn’t find this friend she kept on saying, “ Aww .. Too bad, Aww” Yeah, those stuff. She was kind of hugging me in a teasing way, like tap tap there, tap tap here. And of course, when we turned to the hallway of my classrooms my classmates were all again, “ YIEEEEEE!! ~~ “ But, see there. Does she need to tap tap me, tease me or anything? Since she knows I like her.. won’t that be a sign of her reciprocating the same feelings for me.. Even just a tiny bit?
And once again, I hope so.

Club hour. Now this is epic.
Writing about an upperclassman can be quite, issue-ish so I’d rather not. I’ll just write about a certain someone here.
When a person smiles and appears okay to everyone, and this person goes on straight face mode when she sees me and gives me that no reaction vibes, something is definitely wrong.
I think it all started when I brought my DSLR, 3 days ago, I believe. I sensed her vibes just the moment I was handing the bag to her. Well, I’d be like “ O_o “ at a Hannah Montana Bag-Pack aswell, but come on. X] Club hour came, she actuallykinda hmm..Now that I rethink about this again, she hasn’t actually been that smiley and friendly to everyone for the past few days. I bet its strees, Job and all the other adult stuff out there.

Well anyways, I’ve heard her ask my other friend, to make a schedule on mondays and wednesday before debsoc uses them.

I joined the conversation without thinking of my actions, ” Miss, Debsoc only has meetins on TTF. ”
Miss: ” Oh, You’re in Debate Society” – Really surprised tone.
Me: *murmur* “Surprisingly.”
Miss: Don’t Say Surprisingly.”
Me: Ahh, Okay.

Well.. Leaves me with strange feelings.

Good Night my invisible readers.


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