Agh. :(

when we got inside the room, we were told to change fast. I did. [ Thanks to the PE classes in grade school. ]

prepared my things, and we were told not to greet her, but just smile.

all the chairs are placed outside, we got back inside again

chilled on the floor as we normally do.

though miss was late this time, her birthday so we forgave her.. haha.

we didn’t greet her and i dunno. the atmosphere felt a bit weird starting there.

though, while the prayer was going on, my ‘friend’ spilled out the beans.

and lulz at the reactions of my other clubmates. but afgh. -.-

we continued on there, we did the committee presentations and did our regular routines like its not her birthday, which made the atmosphere more.. depressing.

note;; she watched jigoku shoujo. haha

Then.. it all started.

Glee. Sing.Happy.Smiles.Tears.Laughs.Claps. :)

Happy Birthday Once More.


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