Happy Birthday!

Honestly, I think i’m gonna write a set of blogs for this day alone. so many wonderful things that happened.

I really should have changed that letter.

Dear You,

Happy Birthday! You honestly do not know how much inspiration and joy and all the wicked imagination/stuff you infect us! I’m really glad that you’re our moderator in curtain call this year, and hopefully the coming years as well. You give us great inspiration, you give us creativity! Your acting is one of a kind, and you directing.. is just plain ‘ole awesome. You are awesome. Your lifestyle that you show us inspires me. It inspires me in photography, in being me and of course in acting. I really hope that you’ll be my teacher someday and i’ll get to know you more. Stay awesome, eccentric, spontaneous and creative! <3.

And I hope she will never read this. Though. I think she will. MEH. Hope not. :) Well, if my classmates read this. Let them be. Who cares? :)

The whole thing is so emotional. Agh. You can definitely feel it in the room.

The Glee Club singing, the laughs, the claps, the tears and smiles.

The cake being brought out.

The happy birthday cards.

..And she teared up with joy… :’) It got me teared up aswell. :( :’)

[ Note; I try to avoid emoticons but meh. just this one post ]

I wish you a superb birthday, and wish you many more birthdays to come


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