I’m not sure how I can explain this, or describe it. But I hate Facebook and all other social networking websites with a passion. I like to discuss things, but I’m going to do things my way this time and not write paragraphs of hate or whatever.

Well here it goes.

You sit in your bedroom late at night talking to your ‘friends’ over a social networking website called facebook, You go out of your way to post status even though no one cares. You join pointless groups because you think that applies to you as an individual yet 100’s of people who do exactly what you’re doing joined that group because they think the same as as you do. That’s very unique isn’t it. So Inquire that 50 of your friends have the same styled and positioned profile pictures, in the mirror knees together bending over forward trying to show off her boobs to gain attention. That’s all its for, you’re trying to gain attention from horny little boys because you’re showing off your boobs, you just lovee the attention don’t you. It makes you feel wanted. You finally meet up with your friends who you have been talking to over facebook all night about ‘tomorrow’ and how great it is. Yet because you’ve been suppressing your self through chatting with them on a tiny little blue chatbox its all the more awkward to feel like friends and not robots around them.

You keep being ignorant of those around you saying that you don’t need to communicate through facebook to contact Aunt Saundra when you could just use Skype and have a very personal up-close telephone call that’s free. You still choose to chat through posting messages on each others walls even though the messages are fake, empty and have no real value. You will go on in life communicating with your friends through this social medium which as for so long been your main tool of chatting to anyone you knew or known in real life. It has been so long since you’ve seen Kate, she moved away to Southern France. But you won’t choose to go and see her, in real life and talk to her. No, you’re sticking with this website because you can see photos of her and see what she types.

It’s come clear that emailing, phoning and writing letters to each other is out of the equation to even consider these tools. Again, you’re going to completely evade this one out. It’s just not a possibility.I mean, she sits online on facebook all day, It’s not like she has anything else better to do like talk to her new neighbours or make some real friends.

You will upload your photos and seek praise. You might even upload a dirty one to seek praise from shameless idiotic men. But you’re still seeking attention. What ever happened to taking real photos and putting them in a photo book and coming back, looking at them and having a good laugh. But now you’ll be switching on your computer, gathering around your computer with your family to show them through this digital medium.

Stop being so brain washed and get a grip of reality. Facebook is taking over real life communication. Be the one that stands out and actually cares about real communication in social and relations.

Facebook isn’t good, It’s social engineering and it’s brainwashing you. You choose to communicate through a controlled medium why ? I suppose It’s nice for the government to keep tabs on you and your life, what you do and where you live. In fact anyone can.

This is not flaming about facebook, this is a true reality. Some parts of text wrote here are from real stories. Do not even bother to reply as to why you like or use facebook. You’re just a sheep and you’re being brain washed.

I was on a certain forum, and I read that. I kinda partially agree, but maybe his view is just wacked up.

Though, I kinda agree on the attention gaining thing, though it still confuses me.

*Remains confused*


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