Too tired to type, but meh.

Woke up at 6:00, waited for Aleana to come, though i wanted to go out, so i did

Walked to school, and gosh, my morning is so awesome

Golden-Bronze Car. Though, she still looked sick, didn’t say hi to her, she was kinda in a hurry.  *sigh*

I just really hope she’ll be my teacher/proctor or whatever soon. x]

School, subjects meh. The usual.

Got my planner back, and hell i’m really sorry i vandalized hers. x]

Then.. Dismissal. Yey.

Bought some snacks and drinks, then went home together with my friend.

Played Guitar hero and watched the grudge. [ Weird movie. ]

October 1. Awesome. Haven’t had much fun like this since summer.


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